Prevent The Loss of Property with Quality Sewer Repair in Portland

Posted By : admin , on Mar, 2022


Plumbing disasters occur all the time, and most of them are completely unexpected. For example, a pipe can burst in cold weather or a leak can develop in a home or business. However, some of the most difficult problems for a home or business owner to deal with is a broken or clogged sewer. The need for sewer repair could be a deep clog in the external pipe, a break in that pipe or even roots growing through a crack or broken joint. It can often be difficult to fix these problems because the plumber needs to dig up the damaged portion of the pipe for repair or replacement.

One possible method of sewer repair in Portland is the trenchless system which reduces lawn damage to the property. This method if sewer pipe repair inserts a sleeve into the existing pipe and essentially seals its interior. While this method of repair doesn’t last as long as pipe replacement, it does cut down on the total cost of most outside pipe repairs. Trenchless pipe repair can fix most breaks which aren’t too large, but may have problems with damaged angle connections. An expert in sewer damage such as Drain Right Services can provide more information on specific repairs.

Some sewer problems are actually inside the home. A sewer leak can come from numerous locations, but one of the most common is the toilet. This is especially noticeable in areas of the building that have wooden floors. The wood will tend to soak up any liquid from the leak which will cause it to swell and rot. Damage such as this can become serious in newer buildings that use man-made materials such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board) because the lumber can come apart when the swelling breaks the bond between the resin and the wood fiber.

Sewage problems can also occur on septic systems. These typically happen when the tank needs to be cleaned, but a tank that has overflowed will leach solid waste into the field lines. This sort of problem can prevent the pipes from properly distributing the effluent into the leach field. Sewage backups can also affect the materials of the building resulting in expensive cleaning and repair bills. To avoid these costs, have the sewer lines checked any time there are problems such as slow draining tubs or sinks. Visit Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services for more information.

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