Pricing is Important When Choosing Senior Living in Leonardtown, MD

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


While Medicare pays for a host of medical services and may even provide support for in-home assistance, there is no coverage for assisted living care. A family who decides their loved one needs more care than what can be provided in their own home must carefully consider the costs of senior living in Leonardtown, MD so they can offer their loved one stability in a facility they can afford.

Many assisted living facilities have a daily rate and also charge for additional services. The daily rate typically includes room and board and nursing care. Additional charges may be billed for housekeeping service, laundry and food in addition to the two provided meals per day. By choosing a facility that uses the a la carte fee structure, a family’s rates can fluctuate monthly. It can be difficult to budget for current and future needs with this kind of structure.

Another option is a facility such as Taylor Farm Assisted Living that offers all-inclusive fees. When all services are included in the monthly bill, the family knows what to expect and can easily plan their budget. This kind of structure makes calculating the length of time the family will be able to pay the fee with saving and the profit from their loved one’s home before they’ll run out of assets and have to apply for Medicaid. These facilities are often more comfortable for the residents because they don’t have to worry about how their loved ones are going to cover the costs of additional services.

Families who plan for the future may have a long-term care insurance policy that will cover many of the costs of senior living in Leonardtown, MD. Unfortunately, most people do not purchase long-term care policies when they are young and the insurance is affordable. Another option to help with the costs of assisted living is to rent out the senior’s home. This may be a good choice when the home is paid off and the money earned from rent can go directly toward payments to the facility. As a last resort, a family may need to sell the senior’s home to pay for assisted living. However, Medicaid may provide benefits while another legal owner is still living in the house.

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