Priming, Painting And Sealing A Wooden Fence And Additional Services Provided By A Fencing Contractor Nassau County

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Wood fencing will provide an individual with privacy and an attractive border around their home. Untreated wood is susceptible to damage if it is exposed to moisture for prolonged lengths of time. The following steps describe how to sand and clean wood and add coats of primer and paint to its surface. Afterward, a coat of sealant can be added to wood to protect fencing from damage.


 *    power sander

 *    sandpaper

 *    wood cleaner

 *    bucket of warm water

 *    soft-bristled scrub brush

 *    water hose

 *    tarps

 *    painter’s tape

 *    paint gun

 *    primer (designed for exteriors)

 *    paint (designed for exteriors)

 *    wood sealer

 *    paint tray

 *    paint roller

 *    roller frame and extension handle

 *    Sanding And Cleaning Wood

A power sander that has a piece of coarse grit sandpaper secured to it should be moved back and forth over rough parts of the wood. Once wood feels smooth, it needs to be lightly sanded with a piece of paper that has a fine grit. If there are stains on a wooden fence’s surface, the wood cleaner can be diluted in a bucket of warm water before treating wood. A soft-bristled scrub brush can be used to loosen stains. A cleaning solution needs to be rinsed from wood with a water hose.

Applying Primer, Paint And Sealer

After the wood has dried, tarps should be laid along both sides of a fence to collect spills. Painter’s tape can be used to cover latches, hardware or any details in a fence’s design that aren’t being covered with primer or paint. A Primer that is designed for outdoor use needs to be added to a paint gun’s reservoir. Primer should be applied evenly to both sides of a fence. A paint gun’s reservoir can be rinsed out with water before adding exterior paint to it. One or two coats of paint should be applied over primed wood.

After the paint has dried, a coat of wood sealer should be applied to both sides of a fence with a paint roller. It may take a few hours for the sealer to dry. One or two coats of sealer should be applied to
wood to provide a fence with sufficient protection. If a fence ever becomes damaged or if a new fence needs to be installed on a piece of property, Precision Fence LLC or another Fencing Contractor in Nassau County can be contacted.

Individuals can click here on a website that belongs to a Fencing Contractor Nassau County for additional information.

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