Principles of Historic Property Preservation Service in Scranton PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


If you live in Scranton, PA, then you already know that there are many historic buildings in the community. Maintaining these buildings requires a historic property preservation service in Scranton, PA.

One of the oldest homes in Scranton, PA, is the Silkman House. This Greek Revival Home was given to the Scranton Public Library in 1937 after being the family home of William Silkman and Aaron Silkman. This home is currently used as offices by the library and the Lackawanna River Conservation Association.

Another older home in Scranton that has benefited from a property preservation service is the Lackawanna Historical Society’s Catlin House. This Tudor Revival home was initially constructed in 1912. Careful attention has been paid to maintaining this 16-room home that is located on the University of Scranton’s campus.

Another historic property in Scranton that has significantly benefited from a property preservation service in Scranton, PA, is the Isaac and Ira Tripp Estate. The property that this home sits on was purchased in 1771 by Scranton’s first settler Isaac Tripp. The house was built in about 1778, and it remained in the Tripp family until it was sold in 1899. The home, which is the headquarters for the Junior League, is one of the best preserved in Scranton.

If you are interested in preserving property in one of Scranton’s historical neighborhoods, then make sure that you work with professionals because there are strict rules about what you can and cannot do when remodeling these Scranton properties.

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