Privacy: What Elements Can be Included in the Design for an Iron Fence in Moreno Valley?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


When homeowners think of privacy fences, iron is not the first material that comes to mind. In fact, it is possible to design and construct an Iron Fence Moreno Valley that combines the durability of the metal with the desire to enhance personal privacy. Here are some design ideas to consider.

Metal Framing and Panels Using Other Materials

One approach that works well is to utilize an iron fence that involves a metal framework but includes other materials for the rest of the fence panels. For example, the framework would be made of iron and look a great deal like the typical ornamental Iron Fence Moreno Valley. What is different is that the framework is outfitted with wooden panels that slide between the bars with ease. The result is a privacy fence with enhanced visual interest and all the privacy the homeowner wants.

Iron Panels

It’s also possible to construct panels fitted between a series of iron posts. The iron panels can be free of any ornamentation or they can be treated to create some type of pattern. The nice thing about this approach is the panels are typically connected to the posts in such a way that it’s easy to temporarily remove a panel if the homeowner needs to haul something large into the back yard. The rest of the time, the fence ensures no one can see what’s happening in the space.

Something Along the Top

There’s no rule saying the top of the iron fence has to be plain. If the homeowner wants, different elements can be used to add something visually appealing along the top. Those elements can include sharp edges that tend to discourage anyone from attempting to climb over the fencing. That type of added element will increase the security of the place as well as ensure privacy.

Talk with a professional from the Mesa Fence Company today and find out more about the difference designs for iron fencing. Some of those designs can easily be adapted to provide more privacy. Once the design is settled, it will be easy to set a date for the installation and look forward to all the benefits a privacy fence provides.

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