Products For Waterproofing In Seattle WA Can Be Found At An Affordable Price

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Waterproofing a building requires the use of a variety of materials from the basement to the roof. These types of products can be expensive if a company or individual doesn’t know a reputable supply company to purchasing their products for Waterproofing in Seattle WA from. Waterproofing products are much more than some pain that’s painted on the basement walls. It could include Bentonite clay, sheet membranes, water stops, Elastomeric membranes, slurry, roofing underlayment, drain and protection systems, and many other products that protect a building above and below the grade. Waterproofing projects for a construction company can entail the need for more than just those products and a reputable supply company can provide everything they need.

Drainage System

At every construction site, it’s important to have the right protection to reduce erosion of the soil during the construction process. Prefabricated drainage media can be purchased to retain the soil, but will still allow the water to pass through to a collection area. This can reduce the amount of damp or muddy areas around the construction site.

Sheet Applied Membranes

Protecting concrete against water infiltration is very important due to its porous surface. Grace Bituthese membranes can be applied to the outside of a structure to produce a mechanical bond to the concrete. It can be applied below the grade, over mud slabs or before concrete is poured to reduce water infiltration.

Bentonite Clay And Sheet Membranes

Waterproofing in Seattle WA can involve the use of Bentonite clay that will be sandwiched between a puncture-resistant fabric. This can be used below the grade and has the ability to self-heal in the case of any punctures. It’s also resistant to chemicals and can expand and contract and seal the concrete.

Elastomeric Membranes

In addition to other great products, these types of membranes are perfect for potable water storage tanks. The membrane can expand and contract above or below the surface without cracking or peeling. It can waterproof the inside of the tank so leaks don’t occur.

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