Properly Caring For A Wedding Band in Colorado Springs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


When someone gets married, their Wedding Band in Colorado Springs will be likely to be the focal point of the jewelry they wear. Keeping wedding and engagement bands in the best condition will be necessary so premature damage is not sustained. Here are some steps a newly married person can take to help to keep their rings looking their best for years to come.

Provide A Spot To Remove Rings When Necessary

To avoid losing a ring, a spot can be designated for their storage. It is best to remove rings when showering or bathing so the soap does not alter the metal’s appearance. In addition, rings should be taken off during hazardous sporting activities to prevent injuries or damage. A drawer in a jewelry box will work well in keeping the ring from becoming lost when it is removed.

Get Routine Cleaning Sessions And Inspections Done

To ensure rings remain in the best condition, frequent checks should be done by a jewelry store. They will take the time to inspect a wedding band in Colorado Springs, making sure there is no repair work needed. Any loose stones will be reset. If prongs are bent, a jeweler will be able to secure them properly. A jewelry store will also take the time to properly clean rings so they remain pristine.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals When Wearing A Ring

It is important to refrain from using chemicals when wearing rings so they do not become damaged in any way. If it is impossible to remove rings when using a chemical substance, wear a glove over the jewelry to prevent damage. Using organic agents will aid in keeping rings safe as well.

Consider An Alternate Ring For Specific Situations

When traveling, it may be desirable to wear a different ring to help in the avoidance of damage, theft, or loss. A ring that looks similar in appearance can be easily swapped for a more expensive one. A jeweler will help find a ring with competitive pricing if desired.

When bringing a wedding band to a jeweler, find someone adept in the cleaning and evaluation processes. Schedule an appointment with a reputable service in the area today. Rings will be handled with the utmost care, and most procedures will be done on the premises for the convenience of the ring’s owner.

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