Property Owners Can Have Beautiful Landscaping in Somerville and Hire Out the Maintenance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


Many property owners would love to have beautiful Landscaping in Somerville, but they don’t want to deal with the work of maintaining it. They like the idea of sitting inside or outside and gazing upon the beautiful gardens, trees and shrubbery, but that’s the extent of their interest. These men and women can hire a landscaping service that offers various types of yard maintenance, including spring and fall cleanup of seeds, blossoms, leaves and evergreen needles.

Managing the Autumn Leaf Fall

The autumn work of raking leaves is one reason some property owners keep their yards relatively clear of shade trees. They might, instead, have several trees planted in the yard and hire a lawn maintenance service to do the cleanup each fall. This can be accomplished by raking or blowing leaves into piles for removal, or by mulching them with a mower. Municipalities vary as to how they require residents to accomplish their leaf removal if those property owners don’t want to mulch.

If not mowing to mulch leaves, organizations providing service for maintenance of landscaping in Somerville typically rake or blow all the leaves onto tarps if the organic debris is to be hauled to the curb or transported away by dump truck. Leaves also can be bagged in degradable plastic or paper for removal.

One Big Project or Several Steps

Depending on the tree species and the customers’ preferences, workers from a company such as Cambridge Landscape may wait until all the leaves are down or do the leaf removal in steps. Leaf removal can be accomplished in a day when the workers tackle the debris after the trees are just about bare, but that isn’t suitable for all property owners. Workers also can come to the property on a weekly basis to minimize the ongoing mess.

The Possibility of Compost

Another possibility is to use the autumn organic debris as compost, although this may not be appealing to homeowners who don’t want to get their hands dirty with gardening. Nevertheless, the landscaping crew can use the compost for flower and vegetable gardens if the customers would like to have those features in the yard. They can have crew members do weekly maintenance in the gardens during the growing months.

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