Protect Those Costly Appliances With Expert Appliance Installation in Wichita

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


Installing or replacing an appliance takes a bit more effort than driving to the store and selecting something that fits the decor. In fact, appliance installation Wichita typically requires the help of an experienced electrician to ensure that things are correctly wired. Consider the electric range or oven/range combination. These appliances use high voltage levels for heating the electric coils, and poorly wired circuits could be a source of major problems.

One area of concern when installing an appliance is aging wire. Alternately, the wiring could be substandard, and these issues usually result in high resistance levels. High resistance and impedance levels allow the wires to overheat and smolder inside the walls. Given enough time or a heavy load and this could result in a fire and a severe loss of property.

One of the more common reasons to consider an expert for appliance installation Wichita is when changing types of appliances. This is often common when purchasing appliances in sets such as the washer and dryer combination. Changing from a gas-based unit to one that uses electrical resistance typically requires a unique circuit. Dryers, Ranges, and most other large appliances normally use a 240-volt circuit and a breaker set that can handle the load, about 60 amps for the electric dryer model.

One appliance installation that many people overlook is the water heater. Electric water heaters also require special circuits, and this is the best reason to consider using an expert. Sure, it may be possible to do the job alone, but allowing a professional to handle the task ensures the installation is done correctly.

Installing or replacing the appliances may not be the only reason to hire an expert. Poor wiring and weak breakers affect the way many appliances function. A weak or faulty power supply can also ruin a properly functioning appliance by causing surges or spikes in the electronics. This is even more important with modern appliances that make use of electronics for cycle control and efficiency. It doesn’t make sense to trust those expensive appliances to chance when an experienced electrician can handle the installation, testing or repair properly. To learn more about appliance installation contact the professionals at Tracy Electric Inc.

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