Protecting Appliances and Utility Services Inside the Home

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


A homeowner’s insurance policy is something that is required if the home is mortgaged, but a home warranty policy is an optional plan that people can choose whether or not they want to purchase. The policy is usually written for a one-year period, and it covers most of the appliances and the various systems installed in the home. This includes HVAC systems, electrical problems and plumbing issues. Everything covered must be in working condition at the time the policy is written and filing claims is usually allowed a few weeks after the policy is established. This is a valuable source of protection for anyone, but here are the best times to consider purchasing Home Warranty Insurance in Austin TX.

* As a new homeowner without an emergency savings account to rely on if a maintenance problem arises.

* When a home is filled with only older appliances and electrical, heating and plumbing systems.

* Homeowners without home repair skills that require professional assistance for all of their repair problems.

* People living in a new community and unfamiliar with the repair services in their area.

* Busy homeowners that appreciate help in keeping their home properly protected.

* After a home is first purchased and the homeowner is insecure about the condition of the items in the home.

* Home sellers that want to offer a paid-for warranty to entice people to buy the home. Sellers also benefit from not having to worry about paying for repairs while the home is listed.

* People that want good quality appliances will appreciate the discounts on appliances many home warranty services are able to provide.

Every home warranty policy will vary based on the insurance company like Perdue Insurance Group writing the policy and what each customer specifically chooses to cover. It is important to review all policies before committing to any specific plan and to research the company offering the warranty to make certain they are reputable. It is also important to know the company’s policy on pre-existing problems as well as the responsibility of the homeowner to provide maintenance and the proof they require that maintenance was performed adequately. Most insurance companies also restrict who can perform repairs and all will require the homeowner to obtain a prior approval before they pay for any repairs.

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