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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


The healthcare revenue cycle management begins when a patient makes an appointment for medical services and ends once all claims and payments have been made. That path is usually not, if ever, as linear as it may sound. Nor is a “one size fits all” approach the most efficient or cost-effective approach. But what is vital to any application of a strong RCM is medical record documentation.

Clinical Documentation Improvement CDI
Successful reimbursement for medical services is directly proportional to the quality of clinical documentation. Regulatory imperatives and payer guidelines focus on the medical record. Having staff in place to enter accurate clinical documentation and facilitate Clinical Documentation Improvement CDI is more important than ever and can be a challenge, especially during times of:

• Staff paid time off, PTO

• Leave of absences

• Open positions

• Sick leave

Partnering with a healthcare solution professional to introduce an ICD-10 trained personnel can bridge staffing gaps, provide training and produce resolutions, like:

• Filling coverage disparities

• Eliminating loss of production

• Provide a staffed ICD-10 hotline

• Trained CDI RNs.

Clinical Documentation Improvement CDI along with coding audits can improve your facility’s performance. Only proven solutions give results providers require to operate successfully in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. By selecting an external clinical documentation and coding auditing firm to guide you in applying a reliable Clinical Document Improvement CDI system solution, you will be able to:

• Recover productivity during transitions

• Recover efficiency during ICD-10 training and transition

• Curtail lost revenue.

To discover more about analyzing your CDI program to determine the quality of your documentation system, go to GeBBS Healthcare Solutions online. Or call to request a consultation and learn how GeBBS can help you.

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