Purchase Necessary Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City For Home Maintenance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Home swimming pools offer their owners a much-needed means of recreation, exercise, and relaxation in the summer months. But owning a pool also comes with responsibilities. Basic maintenance requires removal of any debris, keeping pH and chlorine levels stable, and regular vacuuming. Many people opt to pay a professional pool cleaning service to do this work for them. But for those that have the time and patience for it, the same Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City are available for public purchase as well.

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is maintaining a consistent pH balance. In order to do this, the water must be tested regularly. Professional grade basic and acidic neutralizers are available from stores like Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs. Like other pool supply stores, they also sell chlorine treatments, referred to by those in the know as “shock,” to sanitize the water and destroy any contaminants.

In addition to regular chlorine shocks, most pools require the aid of chemicals to prevent the growth of algae. Algae growth is not only unattractive, leaving the water murky and slimy, but it can also be dangerous to swimmers’ health. Algae suppression products designed specifically for swimming pools will suppress growth without sacrificing water quality or cause significant pH imbalance. They are a must have for a clear, clean pool.

In addition to keeping an eye on chemical and pH levels, pool owners must regularly remove any debris from their pool’s surface and its filters. This is usually done with a pool vacuum or an automatic cleaner. Vacuums work by using the existing filtration system that is at work whenever the pump is on to remove debris such as leaves, dirt, and bugs. They do not, however, remove dirt from the walls or floor. Hand cleaning must be performed in tandem with regular vacuuming. Automatic cleaners perform both of these functions at once, brushing the walls and the floor of the pool. The price tag on these is often a little bit higher, but automatic cleaners do save owners a lot of time and hassle.

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