Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Hall in Tucson

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Now that the date is set, the search begins for the ideal Wedding Hall Tucson. With so many venues to consider, it may seem like an impossible task to find the right place for the ceremony and reception. By keeping a few basics in mind, it will be easy to narrow the range of choices and settle on the right one.

How Many People Will Attend?

Before spending any time looking at halls, put together the guest list. If everyone on the list showed up, how large would the Wedding Hall in Tucson have to be in order to accommodate everyone? Any local hall that cannot safely seat a maximum number of people should be removed from the list of possibilities.

The Seating Arrangements

Consider the type of seating available for the ceremony. Would the couple prefer seating that can be arranged in more than one way, possibly a circle with the couple in the middle? Perhaps the plan is to go with something more traditional. If that is the case, a hall with permanent seating arranged in rows will work just fine.

The Lighting

Creating the right mood for the ceremony does matter. That will take some amount of ambient light to augment any natural light entering the space. Take the time to explore the options for lighting in the space. For example, if the hall includes chandeliers as part of the layout, find out if they can be operated with dimmer switches.

The Parking

Not every consideration has to do with the features of the hall. Take a look at the parking situation. Will guests be able to park close to the hall? If the parking will be a couple of blocks away, is it possible to arrange shuttles to get the guests back and forth to their cars? Making sure those attending will not have problems finding a parking space or have to walk a longer distance is a courtesy that they will all appreciate.

Work with the team at Reflections Weddings to plan every detail, and the big day will truly be something the couple remembers fondly for years to come.

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