Quality Botox for TMJ in Chicago, IL, in a Relaxed Dental Setting

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2023


Getting Botox for TMJ in Chicago can significantly reduce the pain associated with this health condition. TMJ patients have extreme difficulty relaxing their jaw. There are many muscles around the temple, jaw, and forehead that can be affected. A qualified professional may be able to relax the muscles with the right type of injection. Most patients will feel a small prickle at the point of injection. You can typically expect your injection to relax the muscles for three to six months. Individual results will vary. Many patients can get additional injections before the initial one completely wears off to prolong the effects.

Your professional at the clinic will be able to assess and decide where to inject you. The injection usually minimizes the appearance of the jawline and relaxes the square shape. The smile is not affected by the injection procedure. The injections will not alter the shape of your face. Only the targeted muscles are affected by the injection. Most appointments take between 10 and 30 minutes.

A comfortable clinic will help you relax and get the most from your treatment. TMJ is a painful condition that is associated with headaches, jaw pain, and grinding teeth. Your local family dental clinic can help relax your jaw and get you back to your regular activities without delay. Most patients see results in a day or two. It takes one or two weeks for the injection to reach full effect.

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