Quality Industrial Material Handling Systems

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


Looking for a new industrial material handling system? Look no further than Cyclonaire! After 44 years of experience, they are guaranteed to be the experts you need while looking for your new material handling system! These experts are willing to work directly with their clients to create systems that are perfect for each individual situation. With their innovative pneumatic conveying solutions, each client is guaranteed to find a system that is right for them.
Back in the 1960s the Pneumatic Transporter was introduced by Roe Black. This revolutionized material handling and gave way to the beginnings of Cyclonaire. When Interstate 80 was being constructed through Nebraska, their equipment was used to unload cement from railcars. In 1973, they were finally established as a corporation, and began selling their products to those who need it. Today, these experts in the materials handling field, are best known for their:

  • Custom designed vacuums
  • Pressure and vacuum/pressure based technology
  • High Capacity Conveyors
  • C-Series Conveyors
  • Dense Phase Gravity Series Conveyors
  • Conveyors and allied components for materials of all types
  • And more…

These products, and more, are all tested at their state of the art testing facility, Cyclotech. As leaders in their industry, Cyclonaire is sure to please when you are looking for a new industrial material handling system!

They work with hundreds of different materials in many different industries, including:

  • Rubber
  • Railcar
  • Cement
  • Heavy materials
  • Battery

This gives them knowledge across a broad field of materials handling, showing that they are leaders in this industry. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, they have a surprisingly large reach around the world. They have offices in Australia and China! Having this far of a reach across the world with their innovative technology, only help to show how helpful they will be to you and your business!
They help in all phases of material handling including:

  • Dense Phase
  • Semi Dense Phase
  • Dilute Phase

Their needed products are listed along with each phase and give the client a first-hand look before buying. By showing the specifics of their products on their website, it is guaranteed that the client will be getting what they asked for.
Their website shows a timeline of all their achievements over the years. Including their revolutionary inventions and expansion across the globe. They continue to expand their business because of their expertise in the industrial material handling system field. After looking at through their website, any additional information can be answered by their friendly staff members. Give these experts a call today!

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