Quality Maintenance From Trained Air Conditioner Technicians Can Extend Ac Service Life

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


It may be difficult for most people to understand just how uncomfortable a home can be when the AC fails. In fact, a person must endure this dilemma first-hand to truly know how agonizing and dangerous the situation can be. One issue that must be considered is that heat builds up inside the home and could easily result in heatstroke or heat exhaustion. This happens much more quickly to a person used to living in a treated space, which increases the need to contact expert Air Conditioner Technicians when the appliance begins to fail.An air conditioner can break for many reasons. For example, the condenser could give out, or the evaporator coil could freeze.

Diagnosing the issue often begins with checking the level of refrigerant and a thorough inspection of the various mechanical systems. The condensing unit is one of the most important aspects of the appliance because it compresses the refrigerant. This task generates a lot of heat, and heat can reduce the service life of the compressor.A frozen coil is usually the result of dirt in the system. Actually, it is a mixture of any dust in the air exchange that mixes with the natural condensation from refrigeration.

Cleaning the coil should help, but most evaporator coils are difficult to reach completely, and this tends to be where the freezing occurs. Air Conditioner Technicians can handle the job by removing the refrigerant from the system, taking the coil out and cleaning it in an acid bath. Cleaning the appliance is one of the jobs that the technicians perform during annual service. Routine maintenance should be handled sometime during the spring, but any time that the property owner can schedule it will work.

Another an aspect of maintenance is testing the refrigerant level. A low level can force the appliance to work harder than it should, and this can end up costing the property owner when the AC fails. Low refrigerant levels allow the condenser to run hotter and harder than usual, which increases the stress on the system. Contact the experts at to learn more. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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