Quality Web Development Means Asking the Right Questions

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2015


In today’s world, a snappy, effective website isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Good web development in Colorado Springs, or anywhere in the world, can vary from project to project; still, there are a number of points that ring true regardless of the industry of the company in need of a site or the site’s intended functionality.

No one can deny that it’s a big step, hiring a professional for web development. Colorado Springs business owners can have the website of their dreams, and it’s possible as long as the legwork is done in advance.

When hiring a web development professional, here are three tips to keep in mind:

The Company’s Style Should Match Yours

If you run a tight ship driven by deadlines, deliverables and strict budgets, be sure that your web developer adheres to these points as well. A laid-back, easygoing developer may have the most thorough skillset in the world but if they can’t deliver on time and don’t understand your values, the working relationship will quickly fall apart.


You may have difficulty communicating exactly what it is you’re looking for in the ideal website; many business owners know very clearly what they want but can’t put it into words. This is understandable. So instead, whenever you see a site with functionality you desire in your own, make note of it! Give your developer a list of sites and tell them what it is you like and how you’d like that look, feel or functionality to work on your own site. After all, even the best developer can’t read minds – and expecting them to do so will only lead to disappointment for you.

Set a Clear Understanding from the Get-Go

Just as it’s important for you to make it crystal clear for your developer in terms of what you’re looking for from your site, it’s important for you both to set mutually agreed upon deadlines and stick to them. Ask questions before you commit, such as “what will happen if I change my mind about something after development has started?” – because this could knock deadlines off course and even incur further charges if your change means extra work. It’s always best to have these conversations and avoid unpleasant surprises later.

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