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by | Nov 9, 2017 | Funeral Service


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In New Jersey, families need assistance after they lose a loved one, and funeral directors can help guide them through the planning process. They will need to set up a funeral or memorial service for their loved one based on whether or not they are choosing burial or cremation. Funeral homes Atlantic Highlands can provide answers to questions families may have.

Does the Funeral Home Manage Embalming Services?

Yes, the funeral home will manage all embalming services for the deceased, and they can start the process immediately if the family chooses a burial. The family can inform the funeral director of their choices when the funeral home collects the body from the hospital or their home. These services are included in the full cost of the funeral services as well.

What Options Does the Funeral Home Offer for Individuals who Died of Certain Diseases?

The funeral home can provide standard services or cremation for all deceased individuals regardless of what disease caused their death. This is a common question asked if the individual died of AIDS; however, no studies have shown that the disease has been transmitted from a deceased body. However, if they died of an airborne or infectious disease, the funeral director must follow precautions as directed by the CDC.

Are Graveside Services Included in the Full Cost of the Funeral?

Yes, the funeral home will deliver the casket to the cemetery according to the requests of the family. However, the family must make arrangements with the cemetery director ahead of time and pay all associated costs for burial. The family can use a burial policy to cover these additional costs, and the cemetery director can provide answers for the family.

Is the Family Limited to the Caskets Available at the Funeral Home?

No, but the funeral home can provide the family with affordable options that are of the highest quality for their loved one. The funeral home can also order these caskets from a variety of manufacturers for the family.

In New Jersey, families discuss funeral plans with local funeral directors and make choices based on their loved one’s wishes. They can provide standard or military services based on these preferences. Families who need the services of funeral homes Atlantic Highlands can visit for more info now.

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