Questions And Answers About Mold Growth And The Need For Mold Elimination Services In Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Mold can begin growing inside a person’s house for a variety of reasons, and it will appear wherever moisture is present. Common reasons for mold growth include a water leak, humidity issues, or cracks in the home’s foundation. Whatever the reason for the mold growth, it’s essential to have it removed by a professional company that provides Mold Elimination Services in Alexandria VA as soon as possible. The information below will answer important questions about mold growth in the home and common signs that indicate its presence.

What kinds of health issues can occur because of mold growth inside the home?

Some types of mold are toxic, and breathing in mold spores can cause various respiratory issues and breathing difficulties. People who already suffer from breathing conditions, such as asthma, are especially susceptible to respiratory problems when breathing in mold spores. Young children are also more prone to health problems because they have weaker immune systems.

In what areas of the home should people look for mold growth?

Water leaks are common underneath sinks due to drips in the water pipes. Since water is frequently used in bathrooms, individuals should look for mold growth around their bathtubs and showers and on the floor. If there is water seeping into the basement, homeowners can look for mold growth along the walls of the foundation.

What are the signs that homeowners should look for that signify mold growing inside the house?

If there is mold growth in the house, homeowners will see a black substance that appears fuzzy. In the bathroom, homeowners should look for black streaks around the base of the shower, on the caulk around the bathtub, and on the shower curtain. Inside the cabinets underneath the sinks, the mold will start at the bottom of the cabinet and spread upwards. In addition to seeing mold in the basement, homeowners will also notice a musty smell that permeates clothing and other items stored in the basement. When homeowners detect any of these signs of mold growth, they should contact professional Mold Elimination Services in Alexandria VA for quick removal.

Homeowners who need to get rid of unhealthy mold in their house can contact PMSI Mold Treatment Division for immediate service. This experienced company provides inspections, mold removal, and protection.

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