Questions to Ask a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Many people find themselves not knowing what to do when they face criminal charges. When a bad decision leads to a DUI, drug charge or felony offense, finding a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS is usually a client’s first reaction. Most lawyers offer free consultations, and to get the most out of the meeting, potential clients should ask the questions found below to each lawyer interviewed.

Has the Firm Handled Similar Criminal Cases in the Past?

Asking an attorney with about former experiences with similar clients serves a dual purpose. It offers the client an understanding of what to expect after being charged, and it gives them a feel for the lawyer’s familiarity with the charges and associated defense strategies. If the firm has handled other similar cases, the client should ask about outcomes.

Who Will Handle the Case?

While most attorneys, including those with Oleen Law Firm, offer free initial consultations, they’re not always the one handling the case. Clients should take steps to ensure that the lawyer they choose is the one actually providing representation. If the case is handed off to someone else, the client could end up with a poor-quality defense.

Does the Attorney Have Prosecutorial Experience?

Many defense lawyers have prior experience on the other side of the aisle. Working a case as a prosecutor adds insight to an attorney’s defense strategies, and a great prosecutor often makes a fantastic criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS. Ask potential lawyers about their prosecutorial experience; if they have none, look elsewhere.

Does the Attorney Believe the Client?

This is a thorny question. After a client provides the lawyer with the details of the charges and the situation leading to the arrest, they should offer thoughts on the offense and the chances of a successful outcome. Attorneys often have roundabout ways of answering such questions, but clients should be wary if the lawyer appears overly eager, or if they struggle to answer the question at all.

Although time can be an important part of a criminal case, defendants should know that hiring an attorney out of desperation is not a good idea. Hiring the first attorney interviewed does not guarantee a quick resolution or a good defense; rather, it’s the lawyer’s skill and the attorney/client relationship that gives the defendant a chance. Visit for more information.

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