Questions to Ask before Hiring Someone for Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Air Conditioning


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When a family is stuck inside in the dead heat of the summer and the air conditioning goes out, it becomes an emergency. Fans can work as a temporary fix but when people are used to the running air, it becomes a big problem and inconvenience. Before hiring someone for Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE, there are some important questions to ask.

Is the company licensed and insured?

A licensed and insured company gives a person the security they need to feel they are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. To get licensed, a contractor often has to pass a series of tests. The insurance of the company is for protection in the case someone gets injured in a home while on the job.

What type of experience do they have with residential air conditioning units?

Experience is important as there are many different styles and brands of units. There are also lots of different problems that can occur with units. An HVAC contractor with a lot of experience can pinpoint certain problems right away. This helps eliminate additional time in getting people back to their cool homes.

Do they only service certain brands?

Most companies are now encouraging people to go with more updated units with Energy Star logos. These companies may only service brands with this. Some homes still have older units and a person may not be in the financial situation to afford a new unit. It is good to know up front if the technician called on can service the unit you have in the home.

What is their reputation in the community?

Reputation is very important when letting anyone into a home to do a repair. A person should be able to ask around and hear good feedback on a company to trust they will do a good job on their repairs.
These questions are something a licensed air conditioning contractor should expect someone to ask. Most often, they would not mind answering them. There are other questions you may need to ask that are more specific to the needs of the repair. For more information and additional questions regarding Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE, visit

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