Questions to Ask When Hiring an Electrician in Scranton PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Not all electrical contractors are the same. When a homeowner needs to hire an Electrician in Scranton PA, it’s important for them to request multiple bids and consider various factors when deciding. Before hiring a contractor, ask the questions listed below.

Does the Company Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

A reputable electrical contractor should be bonded and insured, and they should have worker’s compensation coverage as well. No matter how minor the project may be, customers should request proof of coverage. If an uninsured worker is hurt on the job, the homeowner may be held liable. Consider it a significant red flag if the contractor is unwilling or unable to answer insurance questions.

Are the Contractor’s Licenses Up to Date?

Not all contractors are licensed, especially those who work mainly on small projects. Furthermore, not all are up to date on current code requirements, and many fail to follow standards of professionalism. Electricians and contractors stay updated on state code and licensing requirements, and most take part in continuing education. Customers should insist on contractors who meet these requirements, as failing to do so may mean extra costs to redo a job that’s out of compliance.

Is the Company Drug-Free?

Not all electrical contracting firms have drug policies for employees. Look for an Electrician in Scranton PA who requires employees to undergo training and random drug testing.

How Experienced is the Contractor?

Questions related to training and experience are appropriate when choosing an electrician. Many complete five-year apprenticeships for commercial and residential work. These programs include on-the-job training and classwork to learn new and traditional technologies. Finally, unionized electricians participate in and have access to ongoing training that helps them keep their skills updated.

Are the Workers Local?

Many residential customers like knowing that they’re working with people who live in the area. By hiring a local company, customers can ensure that the company knows who they’re sending, and they will be more confident in the electrician’s work habits and skills.

A reliable work ethic and a good reputation are valuable in the electrical contracting field. There’s a certain degree of reassurance that comes with knowing the job will be done correctly the first time. By asking these questions during the search, customers will get the quality work and value they deserve. Visit the Site for more details or call today to schedule service.

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