Quick Tips for Making a Power Outage and a Call to the Electrician Service in Indianapolis Bearable

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Is there anything more interruptive that a power outage? Even electronics that work on a better will not last for long. Those fancy new phones that can access the web and play new games will fade away into nothing soon, leaving a family questioning the completion of a game of Monopoly and if they can finally finish one. No, a power outage is not fun, which is only one of the main reasons to have an electrician service in Indianapolis on speed-dial. Electricians have a lot of advice for families based on the various things they have seen as they come to homes which have been out of power.

A power outage is especially puzzling and frustrating when no one else in the neighborhood has one. It can make a family feel alone and isolated in their dark Monopoly-strewn house. The electrician service in Indianapolis recommends a few steps prior to and during a power outage to make it a whole lot less unbearable.

A Zombie Kit

Collect extra batteries, bottled water, and snacks into a separate bin somewhere in the house. This will be a zombie survival kit of sorts which will help keep everything useful during a power outage nice and contained.

Stay Away From the Panel

Now, this point of advice needs a preface. If the power is out randomly and it is the first time in awhile, it could be a breaker. This is a separate article entirely, but breakers do go out here and there. If the problem is recurring, an electrician may be needed to replace the breakers entirely. There is something deeper going on. This means that the more times a family just refreshes the breaker the more damage that could be happening. In short, if it’s a recurring problem, stay away from the panel. The underlying issue is not being resolved, and the next power outage could be more than just a nuisance.

Contact Burtner Electric to get a recurring panel issue resolved or to help during a random outage. Also, if all else fails, consider finally finishing a game of Monopoly. It could happen.

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