Reasons to Call a Garage Door Repair Service in Apopka, FL When a Unit Does Not Function Properly

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


Since the garage door in most homes is used so frequently, it can start to have issues that prevent it from opening and shutting properly. When this happens, it can create a number of difficulties for the residents of the home. To help correct this, a homeowner will need to contact a garage door repair service in Apopka, FL.

One of the main concerns when repairing a garage door is safety. Garage doors are generally the heaviest components in a house. If the unit is in need of repair, it is important to ensure that the unit is still being supported properly. Hiring a professional to make repairs is the best way to handle this. He or she will first inspect the springs and cables of the unit to verify they are not damaged and are still providing support as the door opens and closes. If they are not, this repair problem will need to be addressed first.

In most situations, the cause of a garage door not opening properly is an issue with the tracks. The tracks that run along the door are used to guide the door as it moves up and down. If there is slight damage to the tracks or if they are dirty, the door may stop moving.

A technician from a garage door repair service in Apopka, FL will be able to assess and correct these types of problems. In some cases, the tracks may only need to be cleaned. If there is damage to the tracks, it can often be pounded out with a mallet. If the damage is severe, however, the technician may need to replace the tracks partly or completely. These steps will generally fix the problem.

The sensors on the sides of the doorway can also prevent it from opening and shutting correctly. These sensors are placed a few feet from the floor, and are used to make sure the pathway is clear before the door moves. Sometimes, the sensors are moved out of alignment and their signals do not register properly. This can prevent the door from moving. A technician will be able to determine if this is the issue, and correct it.

Garage doors are used on a daily basis in most homes. To keep them functioning well, it is a good idea to contact a repair service for any issues. For more information, please contact Business Name.

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