Reasons to Consider Office Additions in Rockland County Over Moving

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


When you first moved into your office space, it felt as if you were on the verge of something great. Now that you have multiple employees to handle, that office space has suddenly begun to feel too small to provide the space you need to expand. However, moving to a new location is a huge hassle and the costs of moving into a larger space are often far larger than you realize until you have already started the process. Finding and leasing a new office building, paying someone for office removal, transporting all of your assets, and even rehiring some employees who could not move with you will add up quickly, and many businesses cannot handle that kind of stress on their budget. As a solution, office additions allow you to add the space you need while saving money in the long run.

Add Another Level

Considering where you have been, your business has met some real success and is only slated to enjoy more success in the future. However, with increased success comes the need for expansion and housing more employees can be difficult. Office additions in Rockland County by RWS Build & Remodeling can help you make a decision that is in your better interest. For example, adding another level to your office building will double your space, allowing you to finally get that beautiful new meeting room you have wanted for years. You may also consider an employee lounge, more office space for employees, and more. Whatever you do with the additional level, it will be more cost-effective than a move.

Show Off Success

Sometimes, a business chooses office additions over moving simply because it shows they care about their location and want to show the locals that they are gaining success. By adding another level or room to your building, the entire city will be able to see that you are not only successful, but so much so that you need to add space. Clients who may otherwise have not looked your way may decide that you are worth checking out after seeing how far you have come.

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