Reasons to Consider Using a Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Having a dog or cat doesn’t necessarily mean a family can no longer go on vacations. However, it does mean there will need to be a bit more planning, and the pet may need to stay at a Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville. Even when it’s possible for the dog to come along on the trip, it may sometimes be better for them to stay in a boarding facility or with a trusted friend or family member.

Travel By Plane

When traveling by plane, dogs often need to travel in the cargo section, which can be both stressful and dangerous for the animal. When making a trip by plane, boarding can often be a less stressful alternative. Only service animals and very small pets are typically allowed to travel in the main cabin of a plane with their owners, and this can be expensive.

Travel By Car

Sometimes, it may be suitable to take a pet with on a vacation where a car is the main form of transportation. This, of course, is only a potential solution if the pet travels well by car and if it will be possible to make the frequent stops needed by the pet for food, water, exercise, and bathroom breaks. Also, keep in mind that the vacation should mainly include activities where the dog will be welcome, such as spending a week in a cabin at the lake, as it can be unpleasant for the dog to be left alone in an unfamiliar hotel room and the dog may act out by destroying something or barking and bothering the other guests.

Temperament Considerations

Some dogs don’t do well in new situations, so bringing them along on a trip filled with this type of situation may be so stressful they become sick or stop eating, making boarding a more suitable choice and in the best interests of the pet. Bringing a pet to the chosen Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville ahead of time for a trial run will give the pet a chance to become familiar with the place, making it less stressful to be left there in the future.

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