Reasons to Hire Professional Painters instead of Doing It Yourself

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on May, 2018


When faced with the challenge of painting your home, it’s easy to see the prospect of a Diy job as the cheaper endeavor. However, unless you have actually painted the inside of someone’s house on a somewhat professional level before, this is unlikely to be the result, as you are guaranteed to make a bunch of rookie mistakes. If that alone has not convinced you, and you continue to shun painting services in Monterey, here are the other reasons to seek professional assistance when painting your home.

#1. Fewer mistakes

As stated previously, if you haven’t done this before, and even when you have, there is a very good chance that you are going to slip up, purely on the basis that you don’t do this as often as a pro and aren’t held up to the same professional standard besides your own. You could get the wrong color than what you had in mind, and only noticed how wrong it was after applying it, you could drip some on your furniture etc. Obviously, pros are not going to have this problem, able to work around any kind of odd scenario given to them by their client and able to avoid any rookie mistakes and pitfalls that the average person would otherwise fall into.

#2. Adequate prep work

You may think that you’ve done enough prep work, but you are more than likely very, very wrong. And the painting job before you are about to prove just how wrong you are. There’s always more prep work to be done than meets the eye, and a professional team understands this. Before painting, cracks need to be sealed, holes need to be patched, broken drywall needs to be replaced, masking, taping, sanding, sheeting, the whole nine yards needs to be done or at least considered before even popping open the first paint can.

#3. Correct procedure

A professional painting team has done jobs like yours a million times at least. They know what they’re doing, such as knowing that you don’t apply the second coat while the first coat is still tacky. They know that factors like humidity, heat and cold, or even the wind can play heavily into what the final product looks like. They know what tools to bring, and what brands of tools are the most reliable.

If you want a truly professional team of painters working on your home, call the folks over at Speed Boy Painting Inc. Their team of highly trained, experienced, and speedy painters, can have your home, business, or whatever you need to be painted done in no time flat.

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