Reasons to Review an Auto Insurance Policy in Lake Charles, LA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


After finding an auto insurance policy in Lake Charles LA that has the right mix of benefits and costs, it’s easy enough to renew it every term. While that works fine over the short-term, it makes sense to review the terms of the policy at least every couple of years. Here are some of the reasons why taking a second look at that policy is to the benefit of the policyholder.

Life Circumstances Change

As things change, some of the coverage points may or may not still be relevant to the policyholder. For example, how many miles is the covered vehicle driven each day? When the policy was first secured, the client made an hour commute to work each morning and the same amount of time for a return trip in the evening. Since the client now works down the block and walks to work, the change could mean a reduction in premium.

Maybe a teenager or two was included in the coverage way back when. Now that they are out of college and on their own, what’s the point of continuing to cover them? Having them removed from the policy could also save money.

Lower Deductibles

Going with higher deductibles seemed like a good idea when the client first secured the auto insurance policy in Lake Charles LA. With less income at the time, it made sense to keep the premium as low as possible. Now that the policyholder is making significantly more money each month, why not talk with an agent about lowering those deductibles? While the premiums will be higher, the out of pocket expense that is incurred if a covered event takes place will be a good thing.

For anyone who has not taken a good look at their auto coverage in come time, today is the day to talk with one of the agents at Curtis Insurance. Go over each of the benefits found in the policy and determine is some sort of change is in order. The client may find that by making a switch instead of renewing an older plan, it’s possible to have plenty of coverage and still have an affordable premium.

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