Reasons Why a Plumbing Company in Delray Beach FL May Be Busier During Hot Weather

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2019


When people think about weather-related plumbing issues, they might be most likely to imagine freezing pipes in unheated crawl spaces and against poorly insulated walls. These aren’t problems for people living in southeastern Florida, but area residents might be surprised to learn that hot weather is connected with plumbing trouble as well. A Plumbing Company in Delray Beach FL is ready to provide service for property owners dealing with these issues.

Extra Water Usage

People commonly use more water when the weather is very warm or hot, which is the case in this part of the country much of the time. They get sweaty while working or participating in recreation outside, and they might want to shower a second time. Washing machines get extra use because towels can start to smell a bit like mildew if they are used too many times during warm, muggy weather. Water softeners run more often to keep up with the extra water usage.

Leak Development

When older plumbing fixtures and appliances are used more often, they become more prone to developing a leak due to the extra wear and tear on the equipment. A Plumbing Company in Delray Beach FL responds promptly to calls for help in eliminating leaks. The leak might occur in a washing machine drain hose, a faucet or a component inside the softener.

Water Heater Issues

Even though people might be taking cooler showers in hot weather, they’re still using at least some hot water. The extra usage can also result in signs that the water heater needs servicing. Many water heater problems can be repaired with the replacement of certain components.

Clogged Shower and Bath Drains

Shower and bath drains can become clogged if the drains aren’t covered with a strainer. These cheap devices should be used whenever someone showers or bathes. Plumbers from a company such as Moody Plumbing Inc. will clear out blocked and slow drains if strainers have not been in place. Clogs are commonly caused by hair, lint and even sand that gets caught between bare toes outdoors.

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