Rebrand and Redirect, New Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL After a Tough Summer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Now could be just the time to rebrand and redesign. There were a few months when things were not looking good for small businesses in Jacksonville. Storm surges flooded nearly all of The Landing, and Jacksonville Beach saw flooding and storm surges that exceeded 2016’s, Hurricane Matthew. Small businesses are still recovering. Right now is the best time to freshen up, shake off the dampness, and return to the city with both feet facing forward and the gusto of determination.

Just in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season is sneaking up once again, and many consumers are readying for it even now. The stores are lining up their seasonal gear. It is time for small businesses to embrace the biggest month of the year with fresh Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL. Do not allow sales to drop by the wayside. Be prepared with new marketing deals and special savings that encourage more sales.

People Will be Craving a Deal

Deals and efforts to save a buck will be the main courses of action for the remainder of 2017. People are trying to save their homes. Money is in short supply, and the economy is only barely bubbling along. Consumers will be craving some serious savings. This can be displayed through new Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL, such as fleshed-out banners that can hang in major traffic areas.

Some small businesses can utilize car wraps, if it is suitable, and others can use a new print campaign to meet people on the streets. Connect with businesses that are already working in the community, such as the local book warehouse, Chambliss’s, right in downtown. Some of the tighter profit margins can be minimized or downplayed by collaborating with reputable and relatable businesses.

As challenging as the year has been for small businesses, the fall season may be the best time to soak up the revitalizing energy of the city. Everyone wants something new. They want to look further and beyond, far past the debilitating summer. Visit the official website of Graphics Garage for new concepts and ideas. Embrace a potential rebranding or take on a new marketing challenge. It is the time to freshen up and dive into this new season with nothing left at the door.

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