Recycling Metal in Hartford CT

Posted By : alex , on Jun, 2014


Have you ever opened a can of vegetables to heat for dinner and tossed the can in the trash? Have you ever wondered what happens when you do this? It goes to a landfill where it will take nearly 100 years to break down. Plastic takes nearly the same amount of time to decompose. If you are thinking of starting a recycling bin in your home but think it may take up more time than it is worth, first consider all the facts.

Did you know that most cans are 95% steel and only 5% tin? Do you wonder how metal in Hartford CT recycled? It is sent to a metal recycling company where it is sorted. Tin cans are bathed in a caustic solution that removes the thin outer layer of tin from the steel. Electrolysis attracts the tin away & then the steel is removed and melted down to be reformed into more cans or practically any other metal item. Aluminum is treated exactly the same way except it must be shredded before it can be melted. Then it is turned into large rolled sheets so it can be cut and formed into any aluminum product.

Recycling metal in Hartford CT area uses 95% less energy than mining metals and causes much less landfill. This means fewer landfill gases emitted into the air. That is enough to make anyone want to recycle. But how do you recycle? It’s not just a matter of throwing those cans into a recycle bin. You must first wash out the can to prevent contaminates from making their way into the recycling process. Remove the tops and/or bottoms. Flatten the cans to ensure room for as many cans as possible. Then you can take them to a recycling center or leave them at your curbside if your waste carrier picks up recyclables. You may want to consider that many metal recycling companies pay for metal so this could also be a great way to make a little extra money.

With so much evidence supporting recycling metal, it should be an easy decision to make. Grab a recycling bin, put in a little extra effort to prepare the metal and take it to be recycled. You will even make money doing it!
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