Regular Inspections and Maintenance for Safe Garage Doors in Davenport, FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2020


To keep your garage doors operating smoothly, they need routine maintenance. An annual inspection by a trained technician may prevent injuries, property damage and expensive repairs, and any problems should be handled by a professional garage door repair service in Davenport, FL. Along with the annual inspection, you can watch for warning signs throughout the year.

Noise and Movement

Squeaking, grinding and other loud noises, as well as jerky movement, can indicate your garage doors aren’t well balanced. It might be time to realign or replace springs, pulleys or cables.

Blocked Tracks

Debris can accumulate on tracks and other pieces of your garage doors. Check for leaves, dirt, rust and other materials that can interfere with movement. You can wipe out or vacuum debris while looking for cracks and other damage.

Faulty Auto Reverse

Garage doors are installed with an auto-reverse feature to safeguard against crushing children and pets. To test the auto reverse, place a piece of wood that’s at least an inch thick flat on the floor and center it under the garage door. Set the door to close and, immediately upon hitting the wood, it should auto reverse. If it fails the test, call for garage door repair service in Davenport, FL, for assistance.

Hire a Professional

While it might be tempting to skip the professionals and perform maintenance and repairs yourself, trained technicians can save you time and expense. Business Name has an array of services to keep your doors working efficiently. Visit website url for more information.

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