Reliable Elevator Maintenance Work

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


Without elevators, life in most modern buildings would be nigh impossible. Only the most athletic of persons could climb ten stories of stairs every day, and hauling large packages or furniture would be a tremendous challenge. Elevators make a living and working in tall buildings possible. Large utility elevators make it possible to move large objects and machinery from level to level in a warehouse or a factory. This is why keeping these vital systems working at peak function is essential to the overall maintenance of a building.

Elevators are complex systems. They consist of the essential winch and lift machinery, counterweights, cabling, speed control and master electronic controls, as well as subsystems such as sensors, emergency telephones, and emergency clamping brakes and other safety subsystems. The older an elevator system is, and the longer it goes without essential maintenance, the more likely that elevator will experience overheating machinery, higher energy usage, and slower response times.

When a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA is called in, it is usually for the purpose of performing the essential maintenance on an elevator and its machinery and circuitry to prevent far more expensive repairs from becoming necessary. A maintenance call can easily be scheduled for any time after business hours in a commercial building or for those times when pedestrian traffic in a residential building or hospital is expected to be at its lowest. The service technicians perform all checklist maintenance tasks and minor repairs in one visit. This ensures having full elevator service available without significant interruption. And when repairs are necessary, they can be performed as quickly as possible to reduce downtime and minimize inconvenience.

Elevator work also involves maintenance and replacement of the cab interiors, shaft maintenance, and modernization. Each aspect of the job of an elevator repair worker guarantees that the elevator will not only perform efficiently but also with maximum rider safety. The technicians are fully trained and certified to work on all types of lift conveyances including standard building elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, wheelchair lifts and moving walkways. And they are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with overtime service in the case of immediate repair need. Click Here and find out about the full range of services offered by Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA.

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