Repairing Aluminum Materials Through Aluminum Brazing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


In choosing a specific method to repair different aluminum materials, you often face a wide range of choices. But among one of the most popular is aluminum brazing. What makes it different and cut out above the rest is that it has more rigid processes compared to others. For instance, it is closer to the melting point of the base of the metal at the braze filler.

When it comes to aluminum brazing, it is essential to ensure that oxides and oil are removed before starting the process. It is important to have clean aluminum base metals prior to starting the brazing process. But there lies problem in removing oxides from the metal. Even for at-home repairs, braze aluminum offers a quick and inexpensive repair option.

The Process of Brazing Aluminum

Brazing aluminum is done in the following steps:

1. Wear the right gear including gloves, non-flammable clothing and goggles prior to starting the process. Keep in mind that safety always comes first.

2. Clean the whole area that you need to repair. To remove oil and grease, you can make use of a degreasing solvent. (Important Tip: If you want to repair a bigger whole, it is strongly recommended that you use backing material.)

3. Clamp the specific piece for brazing.

4. Using a brush, you can apply the flux. This is done by immersing the filler rod or you also have to option to use flux-coated rods if you want to avoid this step.

5. Using a propane, you can heat the area until you see the color turns orange. (Important Tip: It is strong suggested that you heat the whole material.)

6. Apply the filler metal to melt the rod.

7. Once you see the filler has solidified, you can now take off the flux.

8. Using an emery cloth, polish the whole area.

9. Lastly, you can coat the area using a rust-resistant coating for a much better finish.

Brazing Specialists

Aluminum brazing might be easy but why stress out yourself if there are specialists who can help you do the job? When it comes to aluminum brazing, there are different aluminum brazing specialists. So, what are the factors that you consider? First is to find a company that is certified and reputable in the industry. From the facility to the processes used, you deserve only the best service.

Hi-Temp Brazing provides Aluminum Brazing Services to deliver high-integrity assemblies for critical applications in a range of industries.

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