Replacing Automotive Tint And Additional Services Provided By Tint City And Similar Businesses

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Automotive


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If tint has marks on its surface and has begun to peel from a car’s windows, the following steps can be taken to remove it and replace it with new pieces. As a result, a vehicle will have a stylish appearance and the sun’s harmful rays will be blocked whenever the vehicle owner is driving.


• drop cloths

• water hose

• metal pry bar

• glass cleaning agent

• slightly abrasive sponge

• soft cloths

• measuring tape

• roll of vehicle tint

• scissors

• spray bottle

• soapy solution

• squeegee

• utility knife

Removing Damaged Tint And Cleaning Glass

Drop cloths should be draped over a vehicle’s seat, console and steering column so that they are not subjected to moisture. Tint that is secured to interior windows or the windshield need to be sprayed with a stream of water. Once tint has softened, it can be peeled by hand or a glass agent that has been applied to a soapy sponge can move swiftly over portions of tint that are stuck. Once tint has been eliminated from the interior side of glass, a soft cloth should be moved over each glass section in order to dry it.

Applying New Tint

After measurements of each piece of glass is taken, a roll of tint needs to be purchased. Before handling tint, an individual should put on a pair of disposable gloves so that their fingerprints or smudges won’t appear on the new window coverings. A pair of scissors can be used to cut each piece of tint. A spray bottle that is filled with water and has a small amount of detergent to it needs to be prepared. Each piece of tint should be carefully applied to interior glass, beginning with the corner of each panel.

After tint has been added to windows, spraying the corners with soapy water will assist with adhesion. A squeegee needs to be moved along any areas that contain wrinkles. Once a soapy solution dries, tint will remain intact. Tint City or a comparable company can assist with any questions or repairs that need to be made. An individual can contact Tint City or a similar business by visiting or a similar website.

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