Replacing Your Windows with AM Richards Glass Co Inc in St. Louis, MO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


When people are trying to maintain the integrity of their homes, the three parts of the house that must be maintained are the doors, the roof and the windows. If the windows are in need of repair or replacement, it is something that should be taken care of right away to ensure the home is protected. If a person is in Missouri and needs this service, AM Richards Glass Co Inc in St. Louis MO is available to help customers decide what to do. Here are some things customers may want to know about getting new windows or replacing broken ones.

Things You May Want to Know about Replacing Windows

The first thing a customer will want to keep in mind is that getting replacement windows is a matter of choosing actual replacement windows or windows that are called “retro-fit.” In the first type, the windows are called new construction windows and are used if there is a chance the customer might want to replace the siding later or do re-stucco work. The retro-fit window is usually chosen if the customer is concerned about the budget and wants to save anywhere possible.

More Things to Know about Replacing Windows

The customer will also want to consider the material the windows are made of, for example metal window framing or wood framing. If looking at the materials for the windows frame, there are vinyl windows, aluminum, fiberglass, and also wood, with the first type being the most popular. The customer will also want to ensure that the windows are energy-efficient, helping the customer to save money on the utility bill. Discussing these options with the window contractor will help the customer come to a perfect conclusion.

Working with the Window Contractor in St. Louis

Those customers who live in the Missouri area can get assistance with replacing their windows from AM Richards Glass Co Inc in St. Louis MO. The contractor has been providing window solutions in the area for more than 50 years. If any residential or commercial customers are in need of replacement windows, the contractor can be reached by visiting the website at Once there, browse to where directed to “Click Here.”

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