Residential Water Treatment in Cedar Rapids, IA Reduces Bottled Water’s Environmental Impact

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


For environmental reasons, residential Water Treatment in Cedar Rapids IA is preferable to buying bottled water for drinking and cooking. People go through enormous amounts of bottled water for these purposes when they don’t like the taste or smell of their tap water or when they’re concerned about contaminants. Yet a filtration system can solve all of those issues, allowing people to enjoy the refreshing water without the expense and hassle of plastic bottles.

Oil and Water

One aspect to consider is that plastic requires petroleum for its manufacture. Water is also used in the manufacture of plastic containers. The Pacific Institute reports that producing one liter of bottled water requires three liters of water in the plastic manufacturing process. Manufacturing plastic and transporting water results in a significant level of greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, residential Water Treatment in Cedar Rapids IA allows people to use their own tap water without all the wastefulness.

Transport and Water Depletion

There’s also the problem of collecting such large amounts of water from underground sources and trucking or shipping it across oceans. U.S. residents have increasingly been drinking bottled water imported from places like southern Argentina, Finland, and the Fiji Islands. That might be appropriate as an occasional treat, but relying on that water for all daily drinking purposes is problematic.

Within the United States, people who have long appreciated their local spring water are dismayed to see the sources depleted as bottling companies move in and take it over. They also have to deal with heavy truck traffic that was never an issue before. In some locations, hundreds of trucks move in and out of the area every day simply because of the bottled water industry.

Reducing the Impact

These matters are not minor. Each year, U.S. sources of bottled water produce more than 10 billion gallons. About half of this is just treated tap water, but the rest comes from natural sources. Filtration from a company such as Waterhouse Water Systems lets people drink as much water as they like without the heavy environmental footprint associated with bottled water. Request a quick quote as soon as it’s convenient.

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