Restorations for Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Restoration of Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City may be needed for several reasons. A pool that has not been used in a while has fallen into disrepair or has sustained damage will need restoration. If a home is sold, and the new owners want a different style or look for the backyard, the existing pool can be renovated. A renovation may also be required if the family needs have changed. Renovations can include updating the pattern of the pool liner, adding modern water features to the pool, such as a waterfall, or making the shape or size different. A deep end can be made shallower, a spa or hot tub can be added to the side of the decking, or a ramp can be installed to replace stairs, or to go alongside the stairs.

Renovating a pool can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of replacing the pool. It can also save time so the homeowners can spend less time with their yard inaccessible, and more time enjoying their renovated pool. The degree of renovation depends on the condition of the existing pool, the space available in the yard, and the extent of the changes desired. A renovation requires an experienced swimming pool contractor, like Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs, for example, to keep as much as the existing pool as possible while creating a whole new look and purpose for the yard.

The process for renovating Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City begins with a consultation to discuss the needs and changes that homeowners have in mind. From that point, a custom design is created for customer approval. Once the design is set, the removal of unwanted parts of the pool begins. The new pool structures are then built, along with the installation of new electrical components and plumbing. Features and finishes are completed on the pool. The last step is to complete the decking that surrounds the pool. Customers can browse the website for examples of previously renovated pools. Complete backyard renovations are also available. A full kitchen can be added, a walkway and patio can be constructed for entertaining, or a stone fireplace can be installed for relaxing evenings.

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