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by | Sep 3, 2015 | Dentist


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Are you ready to get the smile you always dreams of? Here is a professional way that involves full mouth restoration. There is a procedure that can help you restore your smile like you have always imagined. No matter if you are embarrassed or frowned upon due to your current situation. With full mouth restoration you may undergo gum therapy, cavity repair, and even cosmetic repair. Full mouth restoration can help you leave your worries in the past. There are several people in the world that are looking to make that one change in their lives.

Full mouth restoration allows the opportunity that many have longed for to be able to make smiles become efficient. The less fortunate can have the opportunity to repair broken, damaged, and even deteriorating teeth issues. Just when people think the impossible can happen there are specialist around the world that are more than willing to help make your dreams come true. Even though there is some doubt still left in some minds there is always a chance that change could be the best thing when it comes to a beautiful, bright smile.

Cost and Coverage

Full mouth restoration is very costly. The price ranges typically start around $15,000.00 and can exceed upwards of $40,000.00. However, there are some dental insurance providers that can cover half or even the entire coverage. Some discounts are given by dental school clinics, as well as, the National Institute of Dental at low cost for your dental care needs. There are also payment plan options as well for those that cannot afford an upfront sum of money for the procedure.

Pros and Cons of Full Mouth Restoration

Pros consist of replacing a full set of teeth on the top and bottom jaw lines. Full mouth restoration also helps to prevent oral infections associated with tooth damage. With full mouth restoration you will be able to celebrate a new vibrant smile.

The cons of full mouth restoration can limit the ability to eat certain foods, a slight amount of discomfort, along with more visits to the dentist to make sure that the procedure went well. However, patients around the world are looking to make that change to healthy, beautiful smile.

It is imperative to find a dental office that specializes in the area in which you will require. All dentists have experience but when it comes to a procedure such as full mouth restoration, it is important to find out how much experience they have in the area. This will help you choose the correct office for the procedure.

In order to answer any questions that you may have about full mouth restoration please visit Cascades Center for Dental Health where all of your answers can come to life. You can also find them on Facebook.

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