Reviewing Cobblestone Driveways Offered By Sullivan Paving

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


In Connecticut, cobblestone driveways are a highly-coveted home improvement choice. The projects take up to several days to complete, but they are well worth the effort. The products present all the same benefits of concrete or asphalt with a little more flair. Sullivan Paving offers cobblestone driveway installations for local homeowners.

What is Considered Cobblestone?

For driveways, cobblestone consists of granite. Belgian block pavers are options that are used for more expensive cobblestone projects. The materials are stain-resistant and won’t crack easily under pressure or during adverse weather conditions.

What Happens During the Installation?

The project site is excavated at a seven-inch depth. All grass and vegetation are removed completely. Next, the contractor adds six inches of gravel for the first layer and compacts it properly. Next, a layer of sand covers the gravel and is compacted until it is level and smooth.

The contractor starts by laying the cobblestone at the ends of the driveway first. Next, the inside of the driveway is filled with cobblestone pavers. Contractors keep a consistent joint size when laying the pavers.

Next, the contractor compacts the cobblestone into the sand layer at three-eighths of an inch. A leaf blower is used to remove sand in between the cobblestones and grout is used to fill all joints. Once all joints are filled, the grout must dry for at least twenty-four hours. A sealant is applied the next day.

Are There Maintenance Requirements for the Installation?

Yes, the property owner uses a pressure washer to clean the driveway at least twice each year. Weed killer is used to prevent weeds and vegetation from growing between the cobblestones.

What is the Expected Longevity?

The cobblestone driveways last throughout the property owner’s lifetime if constructed properly. The granite is durable and won’t crack easily. Repair requirements are rare for the installations.

In Connecticut, cobblestone driveways add value to residential properties. The high-end driveway selections are built to last and provide property owners with extraordinary advantages. The installations are more complex than other selections, but homeowners are pleased with the final product. Homeowners who want to learn more about cobblestone installations contact Sullivan Paving or Browse the Website right now.

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