Reviewing Defenses With A Traffic Violations Attorney In Hillsboro, MO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


In Missouri, drivers have a legal avenue in which to fight traffic citations. These defenses are based on the type of citation they receive and any mistakes or misunderstandings that apply. The following is a review of defenses to discuss with a Traffic Violations Attorney in Hillsboro MO.

Options for Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets impose hefty fines based on the speed at which the vehicle registers on the radar. These fines could present a serious hardship in the automobile owner. While most speeding tickets are warranted, some are based on misunderstands and aren’t justified. Specific circumstances associated with these occurrences are conditions in which the driver couldn’t see the speed limit sign or the sign was missing. Under these circumstances, the city cannot enforce the citation due to their failure to maintain the area around the sign or to secure the sign properly.

Defenses for a DUI

A defense for a DUI charge would require the driver to demand a second sample of their blood. When correctional officers test defendants for blood-alcohol content levels, they utilize chemical testing. The second sample provides the defendant’s attorney with the opportunity to conduct their own testing. If both tests don’t produce the same findings, the court may dismiss the charge.

No Insurance Tickets

There are essentially only two ways to fight a ticket for no insurance. The defendant can provide evidence of insurance coverage when they didn’t have proof at the time of the citation. They can also purchase insurance and acquire coverage before their scheduled court date.

Mistake of Fact

A common occurrence of mistake of fact is when the lettering and signs painted onto the roadways aren’t visible. If the driver cannot see these markings, they cannot be held accountable. This is also a failure to maintain roadways.

In Missouri, drivers can utilize several legal opportunities when securing a defense for a traffic violation. These defenses are based on a mistake of fact, failures on behalf of the city, and instances when a violation is necessary to prevent an accident. Drivers who need assistance with these violations hire a Traffic Violations Attorney in Hillsboro MO or Contact Wegmann Law Firm right now.

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