Reviewing Dog Attacks with Personal Injury Attorneys in Rockford

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


In Rockford, personal injury laws apply to dog attacks and how pet owners are penalized. A dog owner that fails to prevent an attack is liable for any injuries sustained by victims. Animal control officers are notified when the attacks happen, and immediate action is taken. Personal injury attorneys in Rockford review the requirements for the claims with victims.

Maintaining Control Over the Dog

The law requires the dog owner to maintain control over their dog at all times. Leash laws require the owner to connect the dog to a leash or runner while the dog is outside. The owners are permitted to place their dogs in outside enclosures if the dog isn’t able to escape their yard. Otherwise, the pet owners are required to keep their dogs inside their home.

Vaccination Laws and Requirements

Pet owners are required to vaccinate their dogs for rabies along with standard vaccinations. The vaccinations lower the risk of spreading the rabies virus to other animals and humans. Failure to comply with vaccination laws leads to serious penalties. If the dog attacks a human, the pet owner is required to present updated vaccination records for the dog.

Who Issues a Quarantine?

The county animal control officer would issue a quarantine period if the dog wasn’t vaccinated. The quarantine period lasts twelve days, which is the incubation period for the rabies virus. If the dog shows signs of rabies, a licensed vet is required to euthanize the animal.

All findings of the vet’s assessment are reported to the animal control officer. If the dog isn’t a threat, the owner pays the cost of the quarantine and fees for the vaccinations. A fine is required for their failure to vaccinate the dog.

What Economic Assistance Does The Victim Get?

The victim receives economic awards for their financial losses. If the dog has a history of attacks, the owner is required to provide a payment based on tort rulings. A strict liability requires both economic and tort-based payments for the victim.

In Rockford, personal injury laws outline the economic and noneconomic awards available to dog attack victims. The laws outline the responsibilities of pet owners as well. Victims who need assistance from personal injury attorneys in Rockford can contact Business Name for a free initial consultation today.

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