Reviewing Real Estate Finance In Nassau County, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


In New York, home buyers spend valuable time and resources when trying to find the right property. After the search is over, the next task is to acquire financing. Some buyers may tackle this task before they start their search. However, this isn’t the case for all buyers. When reviewing offers from lenders, it is advisable for these buyers to allow their attorney to review all related contracts. A local attorney provides assistance with Real Estate Finance Nassau County NY.

Establishing Affordability of the Mortgage

According to federal laws, all lenders must establish affordability when offering a mortgage loan to buyers. Affordability is established by conducting an assessment of the buyer’s income-to-debt ratio. This ratio must meet the requirements for the mortgage loan product. It determines if the buyer can afford the mortgage with insurance after all monthly expenses are deducted from their income.

Reviewing Interest Rates for the Buyer

The attorney reviews current interest rates. They compare the available rates to the buyer’s credit score. If the lender didn’t provide the most appropriate rates, the attorney helps the buyer modify the contract. Lenders that provide higher interest rates when lower values are available are guilty of predatory lending practices.

Insurance Requirements for Real Property

When reviewing guidelines for Real Estate Finance Nassau County NY, the buyer discovers what insurance is required. Select lenders may require mortgage insurance which repays the mortgage if the buyer dies. All home buyers must purchase homeowner’s insurance which protects the property itself. Any properties that are in designated flood zones require flood insurance. Browse website for more information.

Financial Protection for Buyers

Title insurance is provided to the buyer through the real estate attorney. It provides a refund of any payments made by the buyer if they cannot purchase the property. The refund is available only if the transaction is stopped due to the seller’s inability to sell the property.

In New York, home buyers face a variety of complexities when buying a home. These complexities apply to financing most of all. An attorney can help these buyers by reviewing their mortgage contract. Buyers who need assistance with Real Estate Finance Nassau County NY Contact business name today.

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