Reviewing The Law With A Personal Injury Attorney In Lafayette, LA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


In Louisiana, a personal injury claim is filed when another party contributed to the cause of the victim’s injuries. Common events that lead to the claims are medical malpractice, auto accidents, product liabilities, and dog attacks. A Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette LA can explain local laws to victims and help them file a legal claim.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims?

All claimants must file their motions before one year after the event that caused their injuries. Any failure to present their case on time is a forfeiture of their rights. Unless the injuries are discovered after the deadline, the claimant cannot file a legal claim once the statute runs out.

Is a Comparative Fault Used in Personal Injury Cases?

Yes, the defendant must have proof that shows how the victim shared the blame for their injuries. If proven, the judge applies a percentage to the actions of the victim. The award is reduced according to the value of the percentage. However, if the victim shared fifty percent of the blame, a monetary award isn’t available to them.

Does the State Impose Any Caps on Damages?

Yes, the maximum value available to injured patients in a medical malpractice case is $500,000. However, certain programs such as the Patient Compensation Fund could lower the cap for the medical malpractice cases. Participants of the program won’t pay injured patients any value over $100,000.

Are One-Bite Rulings Used in Dog Attack Cases?

No, the state of Louisiana doesn’t use the one-bite ruling in dog attack cases. The state does impose a strict liability against pet owners who were aware of previous attacks involving their dog. All records are reviewed to determine if the strict liability applies in each case. Vaccination requires for the dog are requested as well.

In Louisiana, personal injury laws provide victims one year to start a claim. The victims must provide evidence to support their claim and follow strict guidelines based on the identity of the defendant. Victims who need assistance from a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette LA can visit for further details about their claim today.

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