Roles Of Search And Rescue Service

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Have you wondered what might happen if you were to encounter a life-threatening incident in the workplace? It’s a scary thought but you never know what is around the corner, particularly if you work in a fairly risky industry, such as the oil and gas industry. A lot of serious mishaps can arise out of the blue and may require immediate response from a team of search and rescue service specialists. With their supporting qualifications and capability to use specific types of vehicles and equipment, professionals in this industry can provide on-the-ball assistance in a wide range of situations, from fire outbreaks to oil spills. Take a moment to find out more about the roles of a crisis management team before you get on the hunt for help.

Medical Care

The difference between living and dying following a serious accident or tragedy relies on the standard of medical care being provided. The team working at a search and rescue service will constantly undergo training to ensure that every patient, no matter what the extent of their injuries or where the occurrence took place, has the best possible chance of survival and recovery. Training at regional level for someone in this industry will include food and nutrition, emergency needs assessments and public health response in emergency situations.

Marine Spill Support

When oil spills into the ocean, it can seriously affect marine life. In the event of a big spill that could potentially have catastrophic effects on marine life, a search and rescue service will swiftly arrive at the site. Expertise and special tools are required for marine spills to be dealt with in the right way, and time is of the essence when something like this happens. The cause could be anything, from poorly maintained containers to negligent behaviour but whatever the cause, it’s the people you hire for the job that will determine the outcome.

Leading Companies Out of Crisis

In the past, lots of big companies have been faced with a crisis that has jeopardised the image of their organisation. For example, if a company risks assets or the safety of employees and customers, other people will then see the business in a bad light. Search and rescue service workers will be able to aid with crisis management. Back in the 1980’s, a lot of large-scale industrial events took place that spurred on the development of crisis management. Stakeholders, members of the public and the organisation itself can be protected when the company is led out of crisis by a professional team, so keep this in mind before the worst happens.

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