Safety Tips to Follow Before Calling for Commercial Installation Services in Charlotte NC

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Running a business comes with its own challenges, not the least of which is dealing with sudden and ongoing electrical issues. The more moving parts a system has, the more likely it is to fail; therefore, electrical safety is a top priority. To get the best and safest service, the area’s business owners should rely on an electrician for their commercial installation services in Charlotte NC. In the sections below, company owners can get five valuable electrical safety tips.

Don’t Use Equipment With a Frayed Cord

Even if the equipment is running normally, if it has a frayed electrical cord, it represents a severe safety hazard. The same applies to loose and broken plugs and damaged insulation, it all should be repaired before normal operations are resumed.

Never Perform Repairs on Energized Equipment

Even if one thinks a machine has been switched off before repair, it’s important to use an electrical tester to detect hot wires. A commercial electrician will ensure that there’s no current running through the equipment before performing services.

Consider Adding More Outlets

In some cases, a business can outgrow the placement and number of electrical outlets in the building. Signs of such issues include increased usage of extension cords and overcrowded outlets. If this is happening, look for commercial installation services in Charlotte NC to get enough outlets to keep everyone safe.

Look for Blown Fuses and Tripped Circuit Breakers

If a fuse blows frequently, it may indicate a bigger electrical issue, as can frequent circuit trips and flickering lights. Even if an outlet feels slightly warm to the touch, it should get an in-depth inspection to treat problems before they get worse.

Get Regular Electrical Inspections

Hiring a pro for regular inspections of the building’s electrical system will save inconvenience and money in the future. All inspections are done by licensed, certified electricians, which ensures that the people and equipment in the building stay safe.

By hiring an electrician from website name, business owners can simplify the process of ensuring electrical safety in the workplace. For inspections, repairs, upgrades and maintenance, visit their website or call today to schedule an estimate.

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