Sand Blasting in Connecticut Allows Customized Grave Markers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


Those that are searching for a perfect memorial headstone or marker for a loved one will likely hear about Sand Blasting in Connecticut. This is an abrasive cleaning method that allows the stone to be shaped, especially for a custom look for a headstone being placed in a cemetery. Below, Shelley Brothers Monuments explains the sandblasting process, so those in search of the perfect headstone will understand the process and its importance.

Choose the Material

First, the family will choose the material they want to use for the marker or headstone. This is usually marble or granite. There are a variety of colors available to choose from. The piece of stone is then shaped into the specific size and silhouette. Many times, it has a square or rectangle base with rounded edges. Then, it’s time for the sandblast design. The customer can choose a finish, like matte or shiny, along with the wording or carvings.

Use of a Stencil

Then, a technician will enter the design into a computer to create a unique rubber stencil. They will adhere it to the stone so that it will protect the areas that will not be sandblasted. Then, they will start sandblasting the stone to etch the names, dates, quotes, and images that have been selected into the headstone.

Sandblasting Process

This process involves using a high-pressure hose to spray sand at the stone. The fast-moving air forces the tiny rocks at the monument so that they make a mark. To finish the piece, a technician will spray the design with high-pressure air to clear any leftover to sandblast materials and leaving the marking looking crisp and sharp.

Advances in Sand Blasting in Connecticut allows talented technicians to etch practically any design into stone. This results in a personalized or custom monument. To learn about the possibilities, call Shelley Brothers Monuments, they are the home of the finest memorials. They have been serving Connecticut for over 170 years. Browse our website to see a gallery of our work. This will give families ideas for grave markers, monuments, and even lettering styles.

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