Save Money on Heating And Air Conditioning in Appleton, WI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


No one wants to spend more money than necessary. This is especially true during the heating season when budgets tighten and expenses increase. In order to save money, many homeowners consider neglecting maintenance. Spending additional money during the summer on a heating system that is operating smoothly may seem unnecessary. However, this type of work will help to save the homeowner money when it is needed the most.

Check Those Ducts

One of the most common recommendations for energy savings is to fix any leaks. This generally refers to heat loss around doors and windows but leaking air ducts waste energy too. Have all duct work cleaned and inspected annually? The technician will tighten any loose connections or replace damaged ducts. A report by the EPA stated that this one task could reduce energy loss by 17 percent in approximately 70 percent of American homes.

Change All Filters

Air filters clog over time and force the system to work harder due to the reduction of air flow. Cleaning or replacing the filter will allow good air flow and remove more allergens from the air. The Department of Energy says that replacing filters will save 5-15 percent on heating and cooling bills.

Install New Thermostats

Programmable thermostats make it simple to spend less on Heating And Air Conditioning in Appleton WI when no one is home. No energy is lost because of forgetfulness because the thermostats only need programming once to adjust the temperature every day. It is possible to save as much as 10 percent of climate control expenses by adjusting the temperature by ten degrees for eight hours a day.

Replace Old Systems

Consider replacing any HVAC system more than a decade old. Heating And Air Conditioning in Appleton WI account for 50 percent of home energy use. Old systems generally operate at about a 70 percent efficiency level. Modern gas and oil systems frequently reach an efficiency of 90-95 percent. The installation cost is quickly recovered and the home will have a more efficient, quieter and more reliable source of heat.

Homeowners have many options for saving money on their heating and cooling bills. The best method is to choose a service that works with customers to find the most efficient and effective solutions. Contact Bob’s quality heating & cooling to learn more about cutting costs without sacrificing comfort.

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