Save Valuable Rugs with Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


Don’t throw away a valuable rug because of a rip or missing fringe. Don’t give up on rugs that are stained or faded. There are companies that specialize in oriental rug restoration in New York City. These companies employ true craftsmen who repair rips and replace fringes. They can remove stains and add color to faded rugs. These rug repair services can save those rugs and make them beautiful and whole again.

How Can Rugs Be Repaired?

The best oriental rug restoration in New York City companies use matching fibers, fringes, and dyes to make invisible repairs. They are rug repair experts who can replace missing areas of rug knap or fringe by using the old methods of rug construction. When care is taken, repairs do not show, and when matching fibers and dyes are used, the repair is better and lasts longer. The experts use special, time-tested cleaning methods that remove stains without damaging rug fibers.

Can This Rug Be Repaired?

The Oriental rug Restoration in New York City services will examine most rugs and give the customer a free repair estimate. They will also help the rug owner decide whether to have the rug repaired or not. Most rugs can be repaired, but some are too worn out or too damaged to be cost effective to repair. People who know what rug repair companies are capable of may purchase dirty or damaged rugs for bargain prices at estate sales or second-hand stores and then take them to the rug repair service to be restored. A good restoration adds beauty and value to a rug.

Rug repair companies can repair rugs that many people would give up on. A rip might look more serious than it is. The experts can carefully stitch the rug backing together again, so the rip disappears. They can replace missing fibers along the rip with matching material. Animal-chewed rugs may be repaired by craftsmen who reweave the backing in the damaged area and replace the rug knap with matching yarns. The damage seems to disappear, and the rug is usable again. Click here for more rug repair information.

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