Saving Money and Memories: Water Damage Restoration in Long Island NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2022


It is not always a hurricane or widespread community flooding which leaves a home damaged and in need of restoration. In fact, it is for more common for water damage to be restricted to one home as the result of something seemingly innocent. An unnoticed pipe leaking slowly in the wall, a broken dishwasher hose or a bathtub that overflows are much more frequent reasons for Water Damage Restoration in Long Island NY.

When help is brought in early, immediately after the damage has been discovered, the amount of money and possessions which are able to be saved can be enormous. Water can be cleaned up, dried out and the scary side effects stopped if homeowners are careful about not letting the problem sit untended.

The growth of mold and mildew, warping of wood and the irreparable damage to fabrics in carpeting and furniture can all be costly and, in the case of some mold, potentially dangerous. While all of these problems can be seen in only a day or two following an incident, water damage restoration in Long Island NY can completely eliminate these risks if it is done within 24 hours. Wallpaper can be saved, ceilings needing nothing more than a quick paint job and personal papers and books removed and salvaged. Left to sit, all of these items would only be fit for the landfill and the home would most likely need to be gutted.

This is why these companies work 24-hours a day. Consider this, if your home was on fire, would you wait a week to call the fire department? Of course not, you would call immediately because you want to save as much of your property as possible. Water damage and flooding should be handled the exact same way, because the end result can be very similar.

For the best results, always call a trusted and experienced restoration company. This is your guarantee that you will be able to keep as much of your home and belongings as possible. For many this means contacting Dart Restoration Corp. Check out their website to learn more about restoration services and how they can help you to overcome any number of disasters which can damage a home.

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